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» Articles » Health » Apples: Humble, Health-Guarding Heroes

Apples: Humble, Health-Guarding Heroes

by Douglas L. Bishop on 2/5/2013 16:35

If you have some open space in your home landscape, why not plant a few apple trees?

This way, you will have the gardening enjoyment of tending to your trees, and the rewards and pleasures of watching the growth of your own plants.

In addition, there is the added benefit of harvesting delicious and health-promoting fresh produce from your home garden.

In deciding which varieties of apple trees to plant, be sure to consider those that will do well in your particular climatic zone.

I would suggest ordering from a reliable supplier (such as Stark Brothers© Fruit Tree Company), or buying reputable stock from your local garden center.

Always be sure the trees you purchase are labeled, and consult the label to verify you’re getting what you want.

I would suggest purchasing and planting dwarf or semi-dwarf varieties of fruit trees in order to make the most of the space you have in your yard.

Also, these smaller varieties will be easier to access in the days and years to come as you carry out your maintenance chores of pruning, spraying for insect control, and then picking your apples from the trees.

Apple trees need full sun and loamy soil in order to maintain vigorous healthy growth that will result in the production of apples.

Good drainage is also important in site selection as your apple trees will not do well if their “feet” are too wet.

And the health benefits you will receive from eating your apples are many and varied.

From the research I’ve done, here are just a few of the blessings you will receive from adding fresh apples into your daily diet:

Apples are high in fiber, and this can help with weight control as a diet rich in fiber helps you feel fuller faster while consuming fewer calories.

The fiber also helps promote healthy digestive activity.

Apples help boost the immune system.

Apples promote heart health by helping prevent the buildup of cholesterol within the arteries and by reducing cholesterol levels in the blood.

The soluble fiber in apples can help control blood sugar swings and help prevent the development of type 2 diabetes.

Apples are rich in antioxidants, cancer-inhibiting agents that repair and help prevent cellular damage.

Research has even shown that foods high in fiber, like apples, can help promote healthy brain function and fight the negative effects of aging that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

High fiber foods also can help protect against Parkinson’s disease.

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