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» Articles » Green News » Compostable Plastic Drinking Cup

Compostable Plastic Drinking Cup

by Douglas L. Bishop on 5/30/2012 18:47

Here’s another great idea that helps reduce the amount of material sent to the landfill—drinking cups made from a plastic that is totally compostable.

When I came across this dandy little cold beverage cup in a nearby café, I couldn’t believe what I was reading on its surface—compostable, renewable, sustainable, EarthChoice®, made in USA—all words that caught my attention!

I looked on the internet for more information, which I am now passing on to you.

The Pactiv Corporation has introduced the EarthChoice® brand of sustainable packaging products including cups (like the one I lucked onto!), hinged-lid containers, plates, drinking straws—all designed to fill the need for disposable food service containers that are environmentally friendly, i.e. compostable or recyclable.

I learned that the little clear plastic cup I found (which looked and felt just like any other plastic cup made from oil products) was actually made from PLA (Polylactic Acid) which is a natural plastic material derived from plants and sold under the trade name of Ingeo®.

Plant sugars derived from field corn are used to make the plastic, however plant sugars of other plants in addition to corn are usable for the production of this plastic.

Plants are, of course, a renewable and non-polluting resource.

So, what can we say in summary about this unassuming little plastic cup I found?

It’s made from a plastic that is derived from plant sugars.

It looks just like any other clear plastic drinking cup.

It’s a “food safe” container for holding beverages to be safely consumed by humans.

It’s compostable—which means it won’t still be around in a landfill for hundreds of years like so many Styrofoam food-packaging containers.

A big “Thank You!” to far-sighted companies who create products like this that will help the environment.

This is the kind of “Green News” that’s definitely good news!





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