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» Articles » Green News » Edgar Cayce: American Psychic

Edgar Cayce: American Psychic

by Douglas L. Bishop on 1/22/2013 17:42

Who was Edgar Cayce?

Known as the “sleeping prophet”, Edgar Cayce was a psychic and clairvoyant who was able to diagnose the illnesses of people he had never met and to then suggest cures and treatments for those illnesses despite having no formal medical training himself.

He also gave “readings” of unexplained events from the past (what happened to Atlantis?) and made predictions of things to happen in the future.

All these prophecies and medical diagnoses were given while he was in a self-induced hypnotic trance--hence the name “sleeping prophet”.

Edgar Cayce was born March 18, 1877 near Hopkinsville, Kentucky. A farm boy with an unastonishing early life, he had no more than a rudimentary grammar school education, which was typical of most people of his time and class status.

However, even in his childhood years he began to be aware of his psychic powers and of his abilities to communicate with the spirits of deceased relatives.

Edgar Cayce worked as a photographer, but most of his time and energy went into giving psychic readings for people in order to help cure their ailments or to help them with other problems and vexations of their lives.

He was a great advocate of being of service to others and a great advocate of natural healing and of being responsible for one’s own state of mental and physical well-being. He was, so to speak, the father of holistic medicine

He was also a great advocate of meditation, prayer, and spiritual growth as being the means to achieving a more healthful and meaningful life.

He founded the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This organization is alive and thriving today and continuing Edgar Cayce’s messages of holistic living and spirituality. The more than 14,000 “readings” that he gave during his lifetime are all housed and available at this Virginia Beach facility. Also read: ARE Meditation Garden In Virginia Beach

Edgar Cayce died in 1945. But thanks to the work of the A.R.E., his legacy of prophecy, healing, healthy living, and service to others lives on.

His prophecies of Earth changes seem uncannily accurate as today we experience dramatic temperature extremes (global warming), in addition to widespread and destructive earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, wildfires, and drought.

A renewed emphasis on personal responsibility for our health and well-being through organic food production, and a greater sense of environmental awareness (the “green” movement--as we seek to preserve and protect our Earth and its resources), harken to the words of Edgar Cayce.

A number of books have been written about this amazing man. One of the very best and most comprehensive is "Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet" by Sidney D. Kirkpatrick.

You can also learn more about Edgar Cayce and the work and resources of the A.R.E. by visiting their website at:

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