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» Articles » Green News » Incredible Edible Packing Peanuts!

Incredible Edible Packing Peanuts!

by Douglas L. Bishop on 5/10/2008 12:22

Have you ever opened a package that was filled with those pesky little Styrofoam packing peanuts? You shudder, knowing a sinister experience awaits you!

Somewhere, deep within the confines of the shipping box, your much-anticipated treasure is hiding from you. Is it the newly-released CD from your favorite gypsy swing group, The Swing Bandits, or that hard to find CD of Buddy Spicher's, Pick Yourself Up? You dig in and those thousands of tiny pieces of cushioning material seem to attack you, sticking with static delight to your arms, your nose, your hair, the cat as it scrambles from the kitchen.

You finally locate and rescue the desired goodie from the box and start trying to sweep up the mess, only to have the evil little flakes attach themselves to your broom. Weeping and muttering, you coax every last mini-monster back into the box, tape it shut, and vow to send the demons to their well-deserved death deep into the darkness of the landfill where they’ll lie buried forever. Unfortunately, that's just about right; the little Styrofoam stinkers will indeed be doing a very slow decomposition for the next several hundred years.

Rejoice, pickers and packers and all you poor frustrated parcel unpackers; there is now a better way! And there is definitely a better product available—biodegradable packing peanuts! An all-natural patented product that goes by the name of Puffy Stuff is now available and is in use as a packaging material. The product is made from grain (milo) protein and is completely biodegradable. In addition, it is reusable or can be easily disposed of, if you choose. And if this product does get sent to the landfill, it won’t just sit there taking up valuable space; it will quickly degrade upon contact with water.

The product is as safe for the environment as any other natural grain product would be. It is not harmful to domestic or wild animals, and can even be eaten and digested easily with no ill effects.

And, remembering the nightmarishly clingy nature of those Styrofoam packing particles, this grain-based product won’t drive you to tears with attachment tendencies since it retains a small amount of moisture and conducts the static charge away, resulting in no cling.

Also, the product does not shrink or change density under humid conditions potentially allowing the goods to move about or become damaged in the box during shipment.

Help the environment and maintain your sanity; look for and use these biodegradable grain based packing peanuts whenever possible. More information is available at

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