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The Old Farmer's Almanac

by Douglas L. Bishop on 3/18/2012 15:01

What’s more than 200 years old and yet new everyday?

The Farmer’s Almanac, of course!

A number of publications have arisen over the years calling themselves “Farmers Almanac”, or some variation of that title.

Most all of them strive for the same basic format and style of presentation of material relating to matters of farming, gardening, weather changes and predictions. They also generally include other assorted articles relating to humor, human interest, and concerns of health and home.

The almanac I like best is "The Old Farmer’s Almanac” by Yankee Publishing Incorporated of Dublin, NH. This particular almanac was established by Robert B. Thomas in 1792. It has remained in publication since then, making the 2012 edition of this almanac the 220th consecutive edition!

Still included in the annual publication are articles, calendars, and charts that assist gardeners and farmers. Articles on astronomy, tables of high tide throughout the year, and the best days to plant certain vegetables or to castrate calves are listed.

Weather predictions and trends are given and are always fun to read and watch as the year progresses to compare predictions to actual occurrences (sometimes amazingly accurate, sometimes not so much).

Winning essays are printed in the competition for best essays submitted on a subject assigned annually by the almanac.

Also, winning recipes are presented in the annual recipe contest.

The 2012 issue has an interesting, informative, and just plain fun article on the joys of fishing for the ever-popular bluegill.

And, where else would you expect to find an article entitled “The Patron Saint Of Peppers”? This is listed as an “anniversary” article because it tells of the 1912 discovery by Wilbur L. Scoville of a method of evaluating the heat of various chile peppers. Hence, the development of the system still in place today for rating the capsaicin levels of hot peppers—Scoville Heat Units.

Even the advertisements for various products are interesting to read—everything from beeswax candles to plows to cigars, glue, menswear, and woodworking tools!

You get the idea—the Old Farmer’s Almanac is predictably informational and unpredictably fun--you never know just what might be the subject of the next featured article you’ll come to.

I like the fact that each paperback almanac still has that little hole punched into the upper left corner.

You know why that’s there, don’t you?

Why, so you can tie a string to it for hanging inside the outhouse for reading during “nature breaks”, of course?!

In keeping with the changing times, you can also visit their website at for daily tips, additional information, and updates on weather patterns and changes.

Two sites to visit on a daily basis for entertainment and information: and

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