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» Articles » Green News » Water Makes A Splash!

Water Makes A Splash!

by Douglas L. Bishop on 9/1/2008 16:40

This is Gordon Gardenvoice in Hollywood. Reports have crossed this desk about the rising of a hot new star in the world of home landscaping!

All across the country, garden centers and home improvement stores are abuzz about the newest glamour queen on the gardening scene.

Some exotic new variety of orchid? A crossbred Japanese maple tree with orange and purple leaves? Daffodils that bloom year ‘round? None of the above, garden-gossip lovers! And, hold on to your hoe handles, my weed whacking friends. The latest sensation in the gardening world is . . . . . . water!

That’s right, landscape lovers. Water gardens, long a luxury component of the landscaping world available only to the rich and famous, are now winning a place in the hearts and gardens of the average homeowner.

If you, my gardening friends, can afford a gigantic swimming pool complete with diving platform and surrounded by swaying palms, or a spacious natural pool fed by splashing waterfalls and laden with beautiful aquatic plants and exotic fish, by all means, jump in!

But if you’re like Charlie and Connie Commoner, living within the constraints of a limited budget and striving to get the most return (both monetarily and aesthetically) from your home landscaping investment, you can still savor the soothing sounds of a water wonderland in your own backyard! You need not break the bank in order to live like the high rollers; just enjoy the grandeur on a smaller scale.

Why would you want some form of waterscape included in your garden, anyway? The number one reason for adding water to your landscape is probably the same reason you have added gardening to your lifestyle; that is, to enjoy the peacefulness and tranquility it brings to you. Just think of the serenity gained from the soothing sounds of the splashing, gurgling, flowing, or falling water in your home landscape.

There’s also a monetary reward. A water garden is a smart upgrade that increases the value of your property.

You get the enjoyment of the addition while you live there, and your investment becomes a desirable selling feature adding “curb appeal” to further entice potential buyers should you decide to place your property on the market.

Remember, water gardens don’t have to be costly or grand to be desirable. Simplicity is often a virtue; a basic spill fountain with re-circulating water or a limited number of attractive aquatic plants in a small pond can add much to your backyard garden.

Many do-it-yourself water garden projects and materials are available at your local garden center for a modest investment.

Live large, my friends; catch the wave; waterscapes abound in the most humble of settings, not just in the lavish extravagance of the Hollywood hills! Let water make a splash in your own backyard!

This is Gordon Gardenvoice reporting from Hollywood, reminding you that for gardening news in a flash, Gordon’s got it!

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