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» Articles » Plants » Palm Plant: At Home Indoors Or Out

Palm Plant: At Home Indoors Or Out

by Douglas L. Bishop on 2/20/2016 11:53

I like plants that can thrive in both the great outdoors as well as the great indoors.

The palm plant fills the bill just perfectly!

During the warm summer months, the attractive foliage of the potted palm plant sways in the gentle breezes that flow across your deck or patio.

A little bit of partial shade from an over-arching larger tree nearby can help to keep the palm leaves from scorching in the direct sun on the hottest of days.

Sufficient water (at least once or twice a week if your plant is set in a fairly large container) should keep the soil of your palm plant from becoming too dry.

Other than that, a serving of plant food added into the waterings every month to six weeks is about all your plant should need to keep it healthy and happy.

Due to its native tropical “ancestry”, the palm plant won’t survive in cold or sub-freezing temperatures, so when the weather turns cooler in the fall of the year, bring your container plant indoors to enjoy its greenery throughout the bleak months of winter.

For indoor vigor, maximum light is needed to keep the palm plant steadily growing, so be sure you situate it near a bright window--ideally with a southern or southwestern exposure to capture the most sunlight available during the short winter days.

The year-round green of the palm plant and its lush tropical foliage make it an ideal specimen for the dedicated “plant watcher.”

It’s amazing to observe the “spears and swords” of new growth as they erupt from the base of the plant, extend slowly upward, and then open patiently and dramatically into the most unbelievably symmetrical leaves imaginable! (see photo)

The indoor season makes this miracle of growth and unfolding easy to follow, as your palm plant is right there at home with you and readily observable on a daily basis.

If your indoor winter air is a bit too dry because of your heating system, the leaf tips of your plant might start to turn brown.

If this occurs, you can mist the plant directly or add more moisture to the air by means of a room humidifier.

The palm plant adds beauty and enjoyment to your home or patio throughout the year no matter the season--providing greenery and grace for your outdoor summer space and adding majesty and mystique to the otherwise dreary indoor hours of the winter.

The plant also adds oxygen to the air in your home, creating a healthier living environment for you.

Visit your local garden center or home supply center to see what varieties of palms are available to you in your area--and bring one home to enjoy its low-maintenance and exotic beauty.

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