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» Articles » Garden Stories » A Tree Toad In The Birdhouse

A Tree Toad In The Birdhouse

by Douglas L. Bishop on 11/2/2011 18:31

Look--up in the birdhouse! It’s a frog! It’s a toad!

No, it’s a really relaxed little animal that seems to not quite have a firm grasp of the rules of housing in the wild!

This little critter just showed up one morning sitting there on the ledge of this unoccupied birdhouse that is attached to the deck at the back of our house.

Over the course of the next month or so, the visitor would occasionally retreat into the birdhouse itself.

For what, we don’t know. Was it nap time? Did he have a source of food in there? (ants, bugs, etc.)

Did he get tired of us staring at him trying to figure out where he came from, what he was doing there, and how long he intended to stay?

At any rate, the toad maintained his vigil pretty much daily.

Sometimes, however, he (or was it a she?!) was gone from sight for extended periods of time.

Surely it had to go somewhere sometime to get water.

There is a fairly large Japanese maple tree very close by. Was there enough moisture from the dew on the leaves of this tree to keep this little guy sufficiently hydrated?

How much water does a small tree toad need anyway? Beats me.

And if we’re going to get into this kind of pondering, we might as well move on to "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck……..?”

Well, you know what I mean.

Some things in Nature just can’t be explained because they aren’t really known.

The fun part is just to observe with awe and curiosity and to be glad we have a window to the wonderful natural world.

And, who knows? This little guy may be way more brilliant than we could ever imagine.

He's probably laughing at these crazy creatures who keep staring at him and wondering why we don’t have anything better to do than to watch a little fellow who’s just trying to relax!

Thanks for stopping by, little pal.

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