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» Articles » Garden Stories » Apple Blossom Rhyme

Apple Blossom Rhyme

by Douglas L. Bishop on 10/2/2010 00:23

“Horace, let’s not spray this year,
Let’s shun the pesticide;
We’ll grow our apples naturally,
And we’ll live a greener life.”

“Suits me,” said Hank.  “We’ll skip the spray,
My chores will then be less.
And the bite of a bug inside the fruit
Won’t cause me much distress.”

So blossoms bloomed and apples came,
Though funky and deformed.
And the flesh of most became the host
Of satiated worms.

A bumper crop of bumpy fruit
The apple tree supplied.
The mister picked imperfect pomes,
But the missus baked the perfect pies.

“We’re environmental gurus!”  
The baker sang out with delight.
“Let’s invite our friendly neighbor
To join us for a bite.”

“Apple and raisin,” the neighbor yummed,
As she began to munch.
“You’ve baked my favorite pie, for sure,
And each bite’s a tasty crunch!”

“Oh, no raisins does the pie contain,”
The joyous baker cooed.
“But each crunch is quite organic.”
And the neighbor understood.

Horace kept his humor checked,
As the neighbor’s face changed shades.
And he felt a glow of earthly pride,
At the impact they had made.

“The environmental flag we’ve raised,
That’s what we set out to do.
And we’ve raised our friend’s awareness,
Looks like she’s getting greener, too!”

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