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» Articles » Garden Stories » ODE TO A TICK


by Douglas L. Bishop on 7/18/2013 15:13

You yucky ugly no-good tick

Your lousy ways just make me sick

You’re so uncouth and so uncool

You nasty little louse-like fool!

You parasitic arthropod

You plant your pincers in my bod

And steal yourself a little sip

Of hemoglobin from my hip.

You’re so unlike the butterfly

You give no beauty to the eye

Your name’s not noble, royal, nor slick

You grungy dad-burn no-good tick!

Oh Mother Nature, grant me grace

To understand this critter’s place

Within your wondrous master plan

Where does this sorry sucker stand?

Enlighten me with mystic power

Hear my plea this very hour

Give me knowledge and make it quick

Before I smash this lousy tick!

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