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» Articles » Garden Stories » The Little Cactus That Could

The Little Cactus That Could

by Douglas L. Bishop on 6/5/2017 14:05

Shopping at a nearby Tractor Supply Store a couple of years ago, my wife and I came across some little bargains that we just couldn’t resist.

This was a few days after Christmas, and some of the merchandise that had been geared toward holiday shoppers had now been reduced in price to make way for incoming Springtime goods.

The little “Eco Plant Pals”, originally priced at about three bucks each had been marked down to only one dollar per product. What a deal!

Never mind that I had no idea what Eco Plant Pals were, had never seen them displayed in this store or any other store, and had not (until this very minute) ever realized that we really needed “Pals” of this variety in order to make our humble homestead complete.

So, we did indeed procure a few of these dandy little plant pals for our very own and then transported them home to find out what the heck they were and how they could add happiness and fulfillment to our lives.

Upon reading the packaging material and noting that the Eco Plant Pals were products of the DuneCraft Company and that their website was, I proceeded to the site to see what I could learn about these little guys (and gals).

“Unique science and nature products for all ages.....” reads the website. Thank goodness for that, because the packaging had led me to believe that maybe the products were geared more toward kids than toward sophisticated adult farmers and horticulturists like me!

I certainly fall into the “all ages” category.

Further reading on the website helped me understand that .......”Eco Plant Pals are fun and environmentally friendly....easy and fun to grow....planter and dome are made from corn resin...........each kit comes with everything needed including a color decal and collectable trading card....there are 18 styles and......”

Soooo....what we have here are basically little miniature greenhouses (each about the size of a teacup), into which we plant a few seeds of different plant varieties in order to learn about these plants and to enjoy watching them grow.

We brought home Butterfly Beth, Carol Cactus, and Shamrock Steve. We followed the instructions, and got all these kids off to an acceptable start in life.

However, I must tell you (and it pains me to do so) that after these couple of years of nurturing the youngsters, only Carol now survives to grace our happy home--I can only trace the downfall of Beth and Steve to poor parenting on our part, or maybe to just a lack of adequate moisture and sunlight for the kids!

But Carol is a real survivor and when friends ask about her, we just smile and say.....”oh, she’s just fine.......she hasn’t really gone through a growth spurt yet like kids always do, but she’s making her way in the world and we’re so proud of her....”

Sometimes, when it’s real quiet around the house, I can almost hear a soft little voice coming from Carol that says.........”I think I can, I think I can......”

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