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The Man In The Tree

by Douglas L. Bishop on 11/10/2011 17:13

You never know just when or where you’ll see him. He’s very real and very visible, but he’s also a spirit, an idea, an energy—a force of Nature and a force in Nature. He’s the Man In The Tree.

This time around, we encountered him deep in the woods of northern Mississippi. He was hanging out with (or should I say hanging onto?) a huge hackberry tree.

He was busy with his usual activity—which is, of course, teaching. He was lecturing (though very softly) about the importance of conservation and of protecting the environment.

I stepped a little closer and closed my eyes so I could better absorb with all my senses just what he was saying.

“It’s all around you, it’s all for your utilization and it deserves your protection. It's a gift we’ve all been given. It’s the key to a healthy life and a healthy spirit. Observe, learn, utilize wisely, and teach others,” he said.

I think I know what he means. This amazing planet is the garden that feeds and supports us. It is to our great benefit to learn more about it and to protect it for ourselves and for future generations.

Keep your senses open to the Man In The Tree.

Look for other messages from him on the pages of our GardenVoice website and in our GardenVoice YouTube videos.

There’s a Man In The Tree,

There’s life in the woods,

There’s little sprouts growing all around.

They work and play

From the break of day

Till the evening sun goes down.

There’s turtles and trees,

Bunnies and bees,

Living in harmony.

Everybody come along,

Join in the song.

Dance with the woods family

And listen to the Man In The Tree.

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