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» Articles » Garden Stories » The Wisdom Of Snow

The Wisdom Of Snow

by Douglas L. Bishop on 2/20/2012 16:05

Sometimes we drive ourselves crazy with commerce.

And drive is definitely the operative word in our world. We drive to work where we have to exist in a driven state in order to stay productive.

We take the money we make and drive to the bank or we drive to the store and buy things to drive home with—home, where we can finally collapse because we have driven ourselves to a state of exhaustion.

Then it snows.

And things slow down.

If you’re lucky, maybe there’s enough snow on the roads that the schools are closed or you’re not able to get out and drive to work safely.

What a blessing!

Relax and have an extra cup of coffee or maybe some hot chocolate while you gaze out through your window onto the real world and give thanks as you admire the continuing accumulation of this amazing, silent, soft and smart gift to you from the heavens above.

After a cup or two of relaxation and meditation, your internal dynamometer should have automatically re-set itself back a couple of notches—moving backward from “fast-forward” to “smooth-and-steady”.

At this point, you should now be ready to proceed from the warmth and comfort of your home into the great outdoors for a personal and hands-on encounter with your silent savior. Proceed only on foot—no motor vehicles allowed!

Look, listen, and learn.

See how it floats lightly and lands softly and silently on trees, leaves, rivers, and rocks.

Note how the light shines through it, reflects from it, and bounces back to illuminate and give greater grandeur to the outlines of tricycles, mailboxes, patio furniture, and birdhouses.

Observe how magnificent your now-immobile automobile appears as it relinquishes its role as a raging carriage of commerce and assumes the more noble role and more stately shape of a gracefully cast shrine—a monument dedicated to the hushed and mysterious intelligence of Nature—to the wisdom of snow!

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