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» Articles » Sharp Tips » Bigger Blooms For Your Dogwood Trees

Bigger Blooms For Your Dogwood Trees

by Douglas L. Bishop on 8/28/2011 12:16

Today we're talking about how to produce big healthy blossoms on your dogwood trees in springtime. Now as we tape this today, it's late august in middle tennessee--the weather still hot--but you can see on our dogwood tree here, next spring's blooms already starting to form. See how small they are on there?

Now there are two pages on the GardenVoice website that will be helpful to you on this. One of those pages is about adding dogwoods to your landscape to add contrast to your home landscaping scene. The other is about fertilizer.

"NPK"--the middle number-- phosphorus--that's what we want to add. Super phosphate is the fertilizer that you're looking for--a high middle number on there. Read the article and you'll see that we need a high middle number to produce healthy blossoms in root develop. At this time of year, put super phosphate around the base of the tree. Water it in thoroughly especially since it's still so hot.

Super phosphate in the fall brings super blossoms to your dogwood trees in the spring.

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