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» Articles » Sharp Tips » How To Create A Portable Herb Garden

How To Create A Portable Herb Garden

by Douglas L. Bishop on 9/5/2010 09:47

There’s no question that herbs can add much to the preparation of healthy foods, in both extra nutrition and enhanced taste. And what makes the herbs even better and fresher is growing them yourself.

Many gardeners designate a corner of their flower or vegetable garden to a plot just for cultivating herbs to be used in the kitchen. Or, sometimes a kitchen window ledge serves as the garden spot where potted containers of the cook’s favorite seasonings are grown “in-house.”

Here’s a fun and easy way to grow and have close at hand your own private supply of fresh-from-the garden homegrown herbs—build a portable herb garden!

Your first step is to choose a suitable container. An old wheelbarrow is an excellent choice. A child’s wagon that is no longer being used also works well. Whatever you decide on, just make sure the container has a wheel (or wheels) and is sturdy enough to support the weight of the soil and plants.

If you don’t have such a container readily available at your house, check yard sales or thrift stores. No need to spend a lot of money on something that will be sitting out in the weather.

Prepare your portable herb garden for planting just as you would any other plant container or flowerpot. Insure adequate drainage by drilling a hole or two in the bottom and adding small pebbles and sand before the potting soil is added. Use a good loose organically supplemented planting medium to insure vigorous growth of your herbs.

Choose your favorite herbs and space them in their portable home to allow for growth and for the addition of other varieties you may want to include.

Select a location for your new portable herb garden, give the plants a good initial watering, and step back to admire your practical and unique creation.

Now you’re free to vary the amount of sun and shade your herbal plantings receive. After all, it is portable, so just roll it wherever you like. Move it out of the way when you’re mowing the lawn. Roll it into the garage when a period of extremely cold or harsh weather is predicted.

If you’re having a cookout, move your garden close to the patio or deck to allow for ready access to parsley, chives, or whatever other herbal seasonings you may be using in food preparation.

It also makes a great conversation piece for your outdoor party. Your guests will think you’re brilliant—recycling used material for your garden container, seasoning your food with freshly grown herbs, and having the smarts to build your very own portable herb garden!

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