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» Articles » Sharp Tips » What Are The Best Plants For Borders?

What Are The Best Plants For Borders?

by Douglas L. Bishop on 4/28/2020 13:28

One of the primary reasons for adding plants into your landscape is to provide extra beauty to the exterior of your home.

The greenery of shrubs and trees helps to break up the sameness of color used on your home’s exterior.

In addition, the varying textures and shapes of landscaping plants bring a nice relief to the rigidity of structural building materials.

Also, the plants help to give softer definition to the hard lines of your walkways and driveways.

Which brings us to the question--what are the best plants to use for borders in your home landscape?

Let’s look at two basic types of plants we should consider.

First are those that will provide year round greenery. And, along those lines, one of the most commonly used is the good ol’ reliable workhorse--liriope.

Liriope is relatively inexpensive to purchase, undemanding of soil types, tolerant of shade or sun, not subject to insect or disease damage, and just plain looks nice. Liriope: Home Landscaper's Dream Plant

It’s also easy to divide liriope clumps by digging the plants, chopping into sections and replanting into other areas around your garden beds or other areas.

Small or dwarf varieties of shrubs like nandina, azaleas, or hollies are also useful as border plants that will provide year round greenery.

Annuals are another useful category of plants to consider for border definitions.

Every spring, the garden centers come alive with a huge array of colorful annuals just begging you to take them home and use them to help define and enhance your property.

This allows you to paint your landscape with whatever colors you choose and whatever textures and sizes you like.

So, what are the best plants for borders? Evergreens and annuals that are not too big and in whatever colors and textures you like.

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