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Pointed Cedar Stick

by Douglas L. Bishop on 3/24/2008 16:10

If you are going to plant a garden, first you should plan a garden. The best way to do this is with graph paper, a straight edge, and a lead-filled pointed cedar stick, preferably a California Incense Cedar stick. This is called a pencil!

Measure the space you intend to use for gardening and transfer these measurements to scale on your graph paper. Next determine your goals and desires for the garden space; do you intend to have paths, steps, a fence, or possibly a comfortable bench? Begin with an overall general concept of what you want your garden to be and how you intend to use the space; then refine your plan by adding the specific details. For any plant materials you will add, be sure to take into consideration future growth both horizontally and vertically so your garden space will not become overcrowded.

Remember, before you grab your spade or any other digging device, the first tool you will need is your sharpened lead-filled California Incense Cedar stick—your good ol’ number 2 pencil!

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