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» Articles » Garden Tours » Amelia Bedelia's Flower Bed

Amelia Bedelia's Flower Bed

by Douglas L. Bishop on 1/15/2013 17:01

Ever read any of those Amelia Bedelia children’s books?

It seems that Amelia Bedelia was the family housekeeper who didn’t always understand the directions she was given, but took everything quite literally and acted out her orders precisely.

If she was told to “dust the furniture”, she would put dust on the furniture.

Her instructions for preparing dinner might include “dress the chicken” and “bake a sponge cake”--the results being that she would put clothing on the chicken and bake a cake that contained actual pieces of sponge!

“Draw the drapes” meant use a pencil to sketch a picture of the drapes onto paper, and “pitch the tent” would result in the tent being thrown into the woods!

Anyway---a few days ago, while driving down the boulevarde, I noticed this cleverly constructed garden of flowers that somehow make me think of the loveable Amelia Bedelia.

“Make a flower bed in the front yard,” might have been the instructions to the very literal minded housekeeper had she been employed by the owners of this residence.

However, I suspect that the creators of this attractive little front yard space are just gardeners with a wonderful sense of humor and fun.

I get it, I appreciate it, and to them I would just like to say “Thank you” for giving me a smile as I drive down the street.

A well-made “bed” filled with beautiful flowers.

Amelia Bedelia would be proud!

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