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» Articles » Garden Tours » Bellingrath Gardens--Mobile, Alabama

Bellingrath Gardens--Mobile, Alabama

by Douglas L. Bishop on 2/1/2015 14:41

Here’s a beautiful and historical garden and home site to visit in Mobile, Alabama.

The site was purchased by Walter Bellingrath in 1917, and was originally intended as a fish camp retreat for Mr. Bellingrath and his wife.

It seems that he had done quite well financially by way of his association with the Coca-Cola Company.

Mr. Bellingrath had secured the rights to distribute this new liquid refreshment in the Mobile area and, being the hard worker and dedicated businessman that he was, he soon amassed quite a fortune.

However, when his doctor told him that he was over-working himself to the point of seriously affecting his health and well-being, Bellingrath decided to invest in the 65 acre site which was to become home and gardens for himself and his family.

With the location situated on land overlooking the Fowl River, Mr. Bellingrath set about enjoying fishing on the nearby river, while Mrs. Bellingrath busied herself with filling the home with collectible antiques and having the grounds transformed into a series of beautifully designed and landscaped gardens.

The individual gardens, which are laced together by a winding flagstone walkway, are of different themes—such as the Oriental garden, the rose garden, the Mirror Lake garden, the great lawn, and others.

Formally landscaped areas include an assortment of plants numbering in the hundreds of thousands—azaleas, hydrangeas, roses, bougainvillea, camellias, lilies, hibiscus, and countless other varieties adorn the grounds.

As the seasons progress, colorful annuals are added to match the prevailing growth conditions favorable to those plants, thus adding constantly shifting patterns of plant texture and color throughout the year.

A special feature that adds another bold visual display to Bellingrath Gardens is the annual addition of more than 3 million lights to the estate for the Christmas celebration of lights.

Stunning water gardens, grounds adorned with magnificent statues, a never-ending display of flowering and evergreen plants, and a home filled with an amazing collection of antiques make the Bellingrath Home & Gardens a rewarding destination for any sightseer.

Give yourself an entire day to tour the home and grounds in order to fully appreciate the vast scope of wonder of this remarkable site. And, it’s easy to get to—especially if you’re already spending time in the Gulf Coastal area of Alabama or Florida.

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