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» Articles » Garden Tours » Boston's Prudential Center

Boston's Prudential Center

by Douglas L. Bishop on 9/18/2011 13:06

The Prudential Center is a major office and shopping complex located in Boston’s famous Back Bay area.

The Center contains more than 2.5 million square feet of office space in the form of office towers and more than 600,000 square feet of retail shopping and dining space.

Spacious sky-lighted walkways are made even more inviting by an abundance of greenery and blossoming plants that enhance the walkways and add a calming and welcoming ambience to the bustling activities of this Boston landmark.

This is a classic example of beautiful indoor gardening and of how the use of plants can add much to the pleasure of an interior dining or shopping experience.

The food court of the Center opens onto exterior green space where shoppers may exit to enjoy their meals outdoors on days when weather permits.

The South Garden of the Prudential Center is also an exterior park-like area that features a water garden and a performance stage.

In addition to the inviting shopping, dining, and commercial office areas, The Prudential Center features other practical and appealing conveniences that enhance the desirability of this famous destination for both visitors and locals.

A large enclosed parking garage (with more than 3,800 spaces) is a great convenience, especially for those who choose a retail excursion into The Shops at Prudential Center.

A U.S. Post Office is part of the Center complex as is the Prudential Center Skywalk—a great observatory for viewing the nearby Boston surroundings.

So, while beautiful plants and gardening may not be the first things that come to mind when we mention a landmark building in a famous city, The Prudential Center is a perfect showcase example of incorporating colorful soft “greenness” into the concrete and steel permanence of a major metropolitan structure.

It serves as a great reminder to look for and enjoy the beauty and warmth that flowering plants and other greenery can add to our surroundings, no matter where we find ourselves.

Don’t forget to have a happy time along the garden path. Remember to enjoy the garden view. And, of course, always listen for the GardenVoice.

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