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» Articles » Garden Tours » Opryland Hotel Indoor Gardens

Opryland Hotel Indoor Gardens

by Douglas L. Bishop on 12/17/2011 14:21

If you’ve found this website and you’re on this page, I’ll bet you are a “hands-on” gardener yourself. Or, at the very least, you have a great appreciation for the living beauty that exists in the form of a garden.

Well, hang onto your hat, because we’re going to introduce you to some of the most magnificent “gardens under glass” you’ve ever seen!

Welcome to the luxurious indoor gardens at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Resort Center in Nashville,Tennessee.

Even without the gardens, Opryland Hotel is a real hospitality extravaganza and showplace within itself consisting of a couple of thousand guest rooms and suites, spa facilities, numerous restaurants, shops, musical entertainment areas, and convention meeting room sites all under one expansive roof.

The original Opryland Hotel first began operation on its present site in 1977 along with the adjoining Opryland Theme Park.

The music theme park continued in operation until the close of the 1997 season at which point it was closed down, demolished, and the grounds converted to the Opry Mills Shopping Mall.

Since its very beginning in 1977, the Opryland Hotel has flourished and continued to expand, adding more guest rooms and more amazing indoor gardens through the years.

The Garden Conservatory was the first garden installed and opened. Thousands of plants make walking through this area almost as inviting as visiting a tropical paradise. You can literally feel the oxygen-enriching foliage enveloping you in life nourishing goodness.

And the Cascades Atrium even has a waterfall to add to the splendor of the horticultural heaven you’ve found.

Another garden area, the Delta Atrium, boasts thousands more plants and an indoor quarter-mile long river, the Delta River, where boat tours will transport you through this living paradise. Also, observe the large colorful fish in the river beneath and beside you as you float along.

Tens of thousands of plants both large and small (look how big some of those trees are!) surround and amaze you as you stroll through the gardens on the walking paths.

Restaurants and other dining options abound throughout the Opryland Hotel, and you can even dine amidst the sheltering foliage of these magnificent gardens in some cases.

So, whether Nashville is your destination or you’re just passing through on your way to someplace else, make it a point to visit the Opryland Hotel and take a tour of these magnificent indoor gardens—as amazing as any world class botanical gardens you’ve ever visited.

And if you do have time to stay, you might want to take in a musical performance at the world famous Grand Ole Opry on these same grounds not far from the hotel.

If you’re on the Opry grounds at Christmas time, special shows include the Radio City Rockettes dance company and a remarkable display of ice sculptures.

But any time of year, you’ll be absolutely amazed at the lush splendor and beauty of the indoor gardens at the Opryland Hotel.

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