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» Articles » Garden Tours » Vertical Garden at Lincoln Center Atrium, NYC

Vertical Garden at Lincoln Center Atrium, NYC

by Douglas L. Bishop on 3/31/2013 15:02

Here a garden; there a garden; everywhere you go, a garden!

I love the fact that gardens come in all sizes and shapes--can be found indoors or outdoors--and often show up in the most unlikely forms.

Such is the case with the vertical gardens found at the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center in New York City--actually two gardens and, yes, actually real “off the wall” creatively designed foliage fields that are literally “on the wall.”

Access to the David Rubenstein Atrium is from Broadway between 62nd and 63rd Streets.

The facility is open daily to the public and provides a welcoming array of services, especially to those wishing to take advantage of the multitude of cultural opportunities available through Lincoln Center.

The well-lighted and spacious lobby-like atrium is a friendly and comfortable gathering place that features free Wi-Fi, visitor information services, ticket windows for the purchase of admission to Lincoln Center performances, and cafe-like tables and chairs that invite visitors to sit and relax while they plot their next adventure in The Big Apple.

And, if you’re so taken by the “cafe-like” atmosphere (or if you’re simply hungry or thirsty!) that you want to complete the total cafe experience, appetite pleasing provisions are readily available from the ‘Wichcraft Restaurant located in the atrium.

Their menu includes a wide choice of sandwiches, soups, desserts, coffees, and other beverages to take you through the day.

I especially like the fact that all of their breakfast sandwiches are available all day long--good for those of us who sometimes like breakfast for lunch or who desire an egg sandwich and a cup of coffee at 3 PM!!

So now we’ve come full circle on this pleasant little garden tour in one of the busiest cities in the world--a breakfast sandwich, a cup of coffee, and a comfortable seat by a vertical garden!

The lady at the information desk told me that lots of maintenance--placing, replacing, primping, and pruning of the plants--goes on in order to insure the health and beauty of this highly unusual and visually striking garden by the side of the road. (the road being Broadway in NYC)

But, as is the case with most gardening ventures and adventures, the rewards are worth the investment of time and energy.

“Thank you” to the nice people who have built and who maintain these amazing vertical gardens and who are kind enough to share them with those of us who pass by.

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